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  • Why go to Germany?

    There is no surgery without a possible complication. This has to be taken into consideration! We have a very strict and thorough follow-up care following the principle: the earlier the complication is detected, the earlier counter-action is taken, the higher is the chance to control it. We call it “the second line of defence“.

    Every surgery is a complex procedure that requires extensive preoperative planning, specialized implants and tools, and mastery of difficult surgical techniques as well as an excellent complication management to achieve long-lasting success. Having the operation done in Germany means choosing the best surgeons with outstanding experience. It is all about accuracy, precision and risk mitigation. Go for highest level of care and optimal surgical outcome. You deserve it.

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  • Is the ONZ specialized in the relevant treatments for me?

    In ONZ is a partnertship of 7 experienced surgeons. Together we offer a wide range of modern orthopedic-  and spine surgery. Therefore, we assure you to provide an optimal and adequate treatment plan.

  • Do the specialists at ONZ have sufficient experience in their respective fields?

    Orthopedics and spinal surgery have become increasingly complex over the last years. In ONZ there are 7 specialists, each one of them being an expert in his field. All together the team covers  the entire spectrum of modern surgical and conservative orthopedics and spine treatmen.

  • Where have the specialists of ONZ been trained?

    All of our specialists have completed university studies after specialist training in a renowned hospital. Many years as an assistant, top or chief positions were behind them prior to becoming a  partner at ONZ. Training, own publications, scientific works and publications continue to be part of the busy life of our team. Other medical specialists thus benefit from our extensive experience.

  • Which means of modern medical equipment do you use? What implants should be used?

    When it comes to quality and success rates, not all existing methods (eg, minimally invasive and prosthetics) are similar. In fact there are significant differences. Most of our patients who trust us with their treatment have researched well, know origin, certification and latest state-of-the-art developments.
    The modern patient is knowledgeable. We appreciate this. We are honoured that you trust us.